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Welcome to MLOUZPUGS.com. I am a small pug household who is very dedicated to breeding and raising Pugs of the highest quality and standards. I draw from many years of experience in showing and breeding Golden Retrievers, Great Pyrenees, German Shepherds, and as a child showing Miniature Schnauzers. I have applied all this experience to my love and passion for Pugs. I now have 4 wonderful fawn and black female pugs. We lost our 12 year old Golden Retriever. Three of the female pugs are in my present breeding program. I strive to better the breed standard by working closely with other respected and reputable breeders, and select different male studs to compliment the female's progeny.  My puppies are sold to approved homes only.

DARLA               GRETTA             ZOIE                                                                                     

DARLA                                      ZOIE 

        DARLA          TRIXIE          GRETTA

My Pugs are people dogs. They crave human companionship    and affection. They will return a lifetime of devotion and unconditional, nonjudgmental love. Pugs want to be noticed,   and will please and entertain you to do so.

   DARLA                GRETTA           KASHA          ZOIE

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